Ilastik pixel classification performance metric

Hi Forum, @k-dominik

I was wondering whether it is possible to obtain some sort of performance metric from Ilastik pixel classification projects? Such metrics are certainly calculated in the background.
It would be easy to calculate some metrics myself in the case of labelmaps as image input, but I’m only using the manual annotation mode for classification.

Thanks for any tips/suggestions!

Best, Johannes

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Hello @EL_Pollo_Diablo,

you are right, we have a metric that is calculated in the background: the out-of-bag error. It is visible in the log file. Depending on the version of ilastik and operating system it can be found in different locations. If you have a newer 1.4.0 beta version, then you can open it through the Menu: Settings → Open Log Folder. If you have an older version of ilastik, then the log, ilastik_log.txt is located in your home folder.

An entry there reporting the oob would look like this:

INFO 2017-02-24 10:41:12,555 parallelVigraRfLazyflowClassifier 12179 140573765494528 Training complete. Average OOB: 0.225149500876

The Average OOB is what you are looking for. It will be low for value meaning good performance.


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

(Also: Looks like my Ilastik is outdated.)

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