Ilastik open file error


I was trying to use ilastik to cell segmentation.

But there was problem.

after opening new project, this is the error that pops-up in the terminal window:

and after changing my directory name from Korean to English, this error message disappeared.

At that time, I changed directory name and successfully worked. (Maybe ASCII character error?)

Also when I open new image file in Ilastik pixel classification or something, all image files in folders written in Korean did not open.

Can @k-dominik help me on this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Joon-Goon, Kim

Hi @neozun7,

welcome to the community!!!

sorry you are running into these problems. The international character set is a bit of a tough one. In particular we rely on libraries that only slowly add support for this, especially on Windows.

Our latest beta grab it here has an updated version of hdf5, that should at the least sort out the saving of the project file problem.

Now with the image files - there we rely on different libraries depending on the file format. Those might in turn have problems with non-ascii characters. One way around this would be (after confirming that saving the projects in such a location works) to convert all data do hdf5, e.g. using our fiji plugin; or changing the file names to something ascii. The problem most of the libraries that do the actual file reading are not under our control.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your kind and fast response !

I will try your latest beta and also try converting all data to hdf5 file format.


Joon-Goon, Kim

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