Ilastik OneDrive Issue

I have been using Ilastik for some time on my notebook (Win10). A couple of days ago I have decided to sync all the notebook content with OneDrive. When I tried then to continue one of the Ilastik projects, it failed to load the images from the notebook drive in batch mode showing an error message “Prediction violation! Unable to open file…”. Then I opened a new project and I tried to load images in the Input Data module from the notebook drive. This time no error message was shown, just the green bar at the bottom ran forever and the image was not displayed. However, when I trasferred the same file to an external drive which was not synced to OneDrive, it opened without a problem in the same project and I was able to work on it. Therefore the problem is apparently connected to a revolution that OneDrive sync made on my notebook. In the meantime I realized that paths to all files in the notebook drive were changed as if there was a OneDrive folder created. I have disconnected the notebook from syncing but the issue persisted. Has anyone encountered such a situation?

Problem solved: OneDrive sync cancelled, OneDrive app removed, all files restored to the previous locations and Ilastik works fine as previously.

Hi @Tomek_Przygodzki,

I remember that we have encountered this issue a few times in the past (also with dropbox and friends). Those services don’t seem to play too well with our project files. Good to read that you got it at least working in the previous state.


Thank you Dominik for the reply. It is good to know for the future.
Best wishes,