Ilastik on linux problem exporting csv of manual tracking

Hi all,
ilastik is giving me a hard time exporting a csv from the manual tracking on Linux. Here is a snippet of the error. I also get this error when exporting to other formats. Please help. I choose plugin, then csv table, …

CC: @Shakthi_Visagan
So I used Ilastik on Linux, on a dataset of images. I performed manual tracking and clicked through the division events and would like a usable csv with the various columns that will help me recreate a lineage. I am at the step where I have finished tracking and I would like to export the results in the form of a csv (the frame numbers, lineageId, etc.), however, there is an error where when I try to change the export location, it doesn’t work. I get the error message above. Can you explain this error for me? How can I export my csv?

Is it related to some of the checks written here?

Hey @alifarhat30
I’m afraid we’d need a few more details from you, like, what version of ilastik you are using, which of the tracking workflows you are using and maybe what kind of data. I just exported tracking results to csv yesterday with ilastik 1.3.2 and in this particular case I didn’t see this error.


Hi @k-dominik ,
-I use the same Linux version 1.3.2
-I am using the manual tracking.
-I just want data on frame number, parentID, childrenID, etc… (I do not want image information such as hdf5.

I, too, have obtained a csv before from Automated Tracking. But from manual tracking it doesn’t work.

Okay, this I can reproduce, sorry about that. We refactored the export recently, and as it seems, didn’t cover manual tracking. Thanks a lot for reporting!

I’ve opened an issue on github to track the progress here.

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Can you track on Linux, save it in some other form, open in windows, and then export to csv?
I tried moving it from Linux to Windows, but I can’t seem to be able to open the workflow in windows to export the csv, any ideas/tips?

This error also happens in manual tracking on Windows version 1.3.2
-This error also occurs in Windows version 1.3.0

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Hello @alifarhat30,

first of all, this error is present in all platforms, linux, windows, osx.

You should be able to open projects, no matter on which platform you have saved them. Just make sure to move the data along with the project file (or copy the data to the project file, can be done in the data selection applet, right click, location -> copied to project_file).

Could you maybe elaborate in more detail how you are saving the project (which version/platform) and on which version/platform you’re trying to open it?


@k-dominik Well, since the manual tracking export is not working anywhere, I don’t think I would make use of it anymore. I was trying to save on Linux 1.3.2 and open in Windows 1.3.2 but it seems like it cannot open the data. Like how would I copy data location if they are on 2 different systems?

-Do you have an approximate timeline of when the export issue would be resolved?

We’ll see how much effort it is. Maybe we can have someone on it this week, already.

@k-dominik I have the same problem, how can I solve this?