Ilastik Object Information Export - Export Settings Not Saved?

Hey #ilastik peeps,

I’m trying to create an #ilastik project for processing on a HPC cluster and I’m having trouble with the “Export Settings” options at the “Object Information Export” step in a Pixel Classification + Object Classification pipeline. Essentially, they don’t seem to be saved correctly in the project file? For example, suppose I set my “Source” option as follows:


If I save the project and reopen, the “Source” option is now:


Any solutions?



Hey @djpbarry,

i checked it out an this indeed seems to be the case. (I’ve opened an issue on github about it)

Apart from that, we do not recommend using the combined Pixel Classification and Object Classification workflow for anything serious. It is there mainly for demo purposes. In practice one would have two separate projects, on for Pixel Classification, one for Object Classification.

Probably the bug reported above will not even effect you; On the cluster you call ilastik in headless mode, right? You can simply configure the command line arguments in order to export the desired source, as described here in our docs.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks @k-dominik,

Yes, running headless with relevant options seems to be working fine and I’ve separated the pipeline into two stages (pixel classification and object classification) - all good so far.

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great to hear that it is working for you, and thank you very much for reporting this bug! :slight_smile: