Ilastik Multicut export

I’m trying to use the exported output from a Ilastik Muliticut pipeline in CellProfiler, but am struggling to find a way to neatly pass the exported data to a segmentation in CellProfiler. Can anyone advise?

Here is an example of an export from Ilastik Muliticut that I’d like to convert to objects in CellProfiler.
Exported Image (from disk)_08.tiff (1.3 MB)

Thanks for your help.

Hi @JohnH,

while I don’t know how to use the multicut result in CellProfiler, I might be able to add some information here, that might help someone else to provide a hint.

So the exported image is of type uint32, each object is assigned a unique value, such that the pixels that compose an object have the same pixel values. Objects are not separated by a boundary.

Let’s see :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

Hi @k-dominik,
Thanks! That might give me enough information to get me started.