Ilastik lineage

After tracking cells in ilastik for lineages, are there any methods out there to actually plot a lineage tree using the information ilastik got? To make it clear, I want something like this:

Hi @alifarhat30,

lineage tree plotting is not possible from within ilastik. While I haven’t done anything like this myself I heard from users that they achieved good results with

  • Fiji’s MaMut (via the MaMut export plugin in ilastik)
  • tulip (probably via csv, maybe they also support h5)

How about ’ Plug in >utilities>capture image’ ?

How can this

plot a lineage tree using the information ilastik got

be done by using

’ Plug in >utilities>capture image’

of ImageJ ?

Strange recommendation …


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The thing is that I want to write code to plot the lineage from the csv file because nothing else works.

Hi Herb,
That happens when you get old, I just misunderstood the question. Sorry folks.