Ilastik - invert LUT


Is there currently a way to invert a (greyscale) LUT in ilastik?

I’m probably missing something obvious here because I see plenty of EM datasets used with ilastik–unless the datasets themselves were inverted?

If the feature doesn’t exist, I’d be happy to make a feature request through GitHub.


Hi @WillGiang

For the workflow, where this could matter (I can only think of carving), it gives you the choice to work either on the original, or on the inverted pixel values.
So are you asking for inversion purely for display purposes?


Hi @k-dominik,

Yes–purely for display purposes.

Hi @WillGiang ,

ah I see. Contributions are highly appreciated, of course. I’ve looked into the code a bit in order to see whether there is a very easy win involved. But I really couldn’t find one. One option would probably be to add an invert flag here, volumina/ at 2b55981b56e1caba87069da3e09e94cddd93a98a · ilastik/volumina · GitHub

Maybe a good idea would be to open an issue in volumina first.

Thank you! I have opened an issue over at volumina.

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