Ilastik interface hidden from screen

Hello @ilastik_team,

Weird issue, when loading ilastik, the software opens and appears as if it’s running, as seen in the terminal window.

Though the user interface is hidden somewhere in the background and I can’t seem to put it in front.

When hovering over the software icon in the taskbar, the pop-up shows the interface but nothing else happens.

It used to be working some months ago and at some point, it stopped.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Daniel,

this is an unfortunate one… We save the screen geometry and possibly ilastik was run in a dual screen setup before.
If you delete the .ilastik_preferences file from your home folder (so something like C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\.ilastik_preferences, and restart ilastik, it should go back to normal. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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Thanks for your swift response @k-dominik,

I don’t remember connecting any other screen, but indeed it was the solution.