Ilastik: How to move training data (with relative linking)?

Good morning!

I have an Ilastik project (pixel classification) and added a training image with the default setting “Relative Link”.

Now I moved the training data. When opening the project I get an error message that the file was not found and if I want to look for it elsewhere - yes I do (this error is of course expected).

When I provide the new location ( I selected the same image, in its new folder), however, I get this error:


Is it not possible to provide the new data location?

I’m running Ilastik version 1.3.3post2.

Thanks already!

PS: I know that one can just copy the image into the Ilastik project - but for big data this seems like a waste of resources. Or is this the recommended way of doing it?

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Hi @noreenw,

this was an unfortunate bug in the 1.3.3 version. Would you mind trying our latest beta (1.4.0…), it should be fixed there.?


That solved it, thank you!!

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thank you very much for trying it!