Ilastik- How to add histogram equalized images for the same labels I drew on the original image?

Hello, I am junior in the fields of image processing, and object detection and would appreciate some help-
I am trying to detect some vessels in neuroimages, using ilastik.
In the training phase, I have labeled the original images by hand (for about 20 images). Now, the result is not great, and I wish to improve it. Since I can detect (by eye) the objects much better on the images after Histogram Equalization, I thought that might be a good input to add to ilastik.

  1. Well, is it? (Since it is non-linear, it might give different results right?)

  2. And if so, Is there an easy way to use the same labels I already drew for the equalized images?


Hi @Tomer_Basan and welcome to the forum,

sure you can do things like histogram equalization in order to improve visual appearance (and also segementation). Only keep in mind that you may never use these processed images to generate any statistics/measurements based on grey values.

You can import labels into ilastik, relevant part in our docs.

Let us know if this helps you :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer, @k-dominik,
It helped,yet I had a problem to export all labels (of all images together), and did it by hand, one by one, when there is probably a more efficient way =]

hey @Tomer_Basan,

did you get an error when exporting all labels (via the export applet)? There you should be able to export them for all images with one click. Importing would still be manual…