Ilastik executable for fiji


I made a pixel classification project in ilastik which works fine. I’d like now to run the classification directly in Fiji to be able to do some post-processing.

I installed the plugin without problem. Then I set the path to the executable using this path (on a Mac):
I also tried with mac_execfile, the and without success.

However now whenever I try to run pixel classification I get the error message:
[ERROR] ilastik service must be configured before use!

Other tools like HDF5 export work fine so the plugin itself is functional. Am I pointing to the wrong executable ? Maybe @ilastik_team has an idea ?

Thanks for your help !


I just found the answer to my own question. I still leave the question here as I think others might run in the same problem. On a Mac, you have to specify the main ilastik folder in Applications, not a specific file in there. This is a bit counterintuitive, as when one looks interactively for the right place, it’s impossible to select a folder, one has to select a file. One thus has to manually correct the entry so that it’s just: