Ilastik documentation: Object .csv export feature documentation?- What is "number of defects" in 2D Convex Hull Features?

When I export Object data as .csv files I can select many object features.

Is there any documentation about what they actually mean?

E.g. The “Number of defects” in the “2d Convex Hull Features”
With Google I found no documentation:
Search “Number of Defects” “2d Convex Hull Features”
Search “Number of Defects” “ilastik”

I’m using ilastik for analysis of metal microstructures and want to find out which of these features (probably used more in bioimaging?) might be relevant for the shape precipitates.

Thanks and Greetings


HI @Sebban,

thanks for reminding us, we should really document it better and in a more obvious way.
You can get a little explanation of the features by hovering over them in the feature selection dialog:

So I quickly mocked something to explain it visually:


So in this case there would be 6 defects.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The visual explanation is so obvious that I can see why it is easy to skip documentation.
For now at least google will lead to this thread.



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