Ilastik Batch Processing - export of csv. table

I am using Ilastik to do an object classification. This is working quite well now (thanks Dominik). Now the .csv table I can export seems quite useful for my data.
Since I was going to do Batch processing for all my other images, I was wondering if there was a way to get similar tables for all these images as well as? The standard Batch processing mode seems to only export the object prediction map, I set in the previous step - or is there a way to specify an expot for the table as well as the prediction map?
In advance thanks for your help.

Hey @Alex2

have you configured the table export in your project? If so, it should also export the csv table. It will create a new filename for each of the files in the batch applet (based on their file-names, so these should be unique). This is a undocumented - I’m afraid.

So, should you, for example, configure your table export filename to myexportfile.csv, ilastik will change the name without asking to myexportfile-datasetname.csv, where dataset name is an ilastik-generated name of the respective image file.

If you want more intricate control over this process, you should consider using the headless mode, where you can specify the --table_filename directly.


Great, thank you very much. Now it is working.