Ilastik automated tracking

Hey there,

I am desperately trying to reproduce some particle tracking using ilastik using a detailed protocol from a former colleague. It is the automated tracking function using Raw data and the binary from pixel and object classification. However, I am unable to find the parameter for Maximal Distance, average object size and motion model weight, that she apparently had in her (older?) version.
I assume that might explain our difference in tracking?
Can someone explain me where or how i can find these parameters or does anyone recognize the ilastik version, that had these parameters to configure?


Hi @Markus_Mukenhirn,

do you still have access to the old project file? If so you could try loading it and just copy the values from the tracking applet?

unfortunately i do not have access to the old project file. Apparently my collegue was using an oldilastik version 1.1.5 and 1.2.0 using the debug mode on a Macto be able to change the desired parameters.
Unfortunately i cannot get anyolder version ofilastik than 1.2.2


Hi, Sorry, I read your original message too quickly. There has been a change of algorithms, so you cannot really translate any of the parameters from the old, to the new version. In any case here are the download links to the older versions:



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Thank you very much. i was able to make it work. The trick was to download the old version and start it in the debug mode (–debug), to make the needed adjustments.

Thanks a lot!

On last thing. Since i am only used to the newer versions: how do i export the result table of my tracking as an .csv file in the 1.1.5 version?

Hi Markus, would it be possible to share the protocol you are using for tracking?. I am just about to start raw+binary and feel a bit overwhelmed with the software.



Hi @Markus_Mukenhirn,

sorry, I must’ve missed your post here somehow.

In order to export a csv you’ll have to select the Plugin export. If you then click on the export settings button, you will be offered a choice of different export formats - one of them is csv.
There is more information in the tracking export docs.

Hi @Jaime_Gonzalez,

the tracking workflow is quite involved. There is a little youtube tutorial on tracking that might be a good starting point (make sure to enable subtitles):