--ij2 vs --ij1 command line options



Hello @stelfrich

  1. What is the different when specifying on the command line --ij2 vs. --ij1?
  2. What is the default, i.e. what does it do if I don’t specify either?


Dear @Christian_Tischer,

the flags change the entry point to the application, i.e. which main() is called during startup, as well as the class path. In essence, with --ij1 you’ll fire up a Fiji instance without all the ImageJ2 magic. If neither is set, the launcher default defaults to the --ij2 case.

Does that answer you question? You can take a look at an approximate commandline invocation with ImageJ-macosx --dry-run, although I wouldn’t bet on what is reported…



Ok, so for example for being able to use the SciJava Commands I need --ij2, right?


That’s correct. What exactly are you trying to do?


What exactly are you trying to do?

Nothing special, I just wanted to understand what the difference is!
Thank you for answering!