Ij2 (interactive) results table



@ASHISRAVINDRAN, @imagejan, @haesleinhuepf
I was wondering what the status of an (interactive) ij2 results table is…?
Is there something useable?


The net.imagej.table.* classes defining ImageJ2 results tables recently moved to scijava-table into the org.scijava.table package.

There are still a few pending pull requests on some other components:

If by interactive you mean that you have a menu bar with menu commands to save the table, this is planned but not finished yet:

If you’re looking for more advanced interactivity, such as editing table cells: I don’t think this will be available any time soon, unless you start implementing it according to your requirements, and contribute it to SciJava :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!

In fact, my requirements would be:

  • Load & Save from tab-delimited file
  • Ability to sort by column (basic Swing feature)
  • Option to attach an ActionListener, which gets notified when the user selects a certain row.

In terms of missing contributions, I guess these features are not yet there, right?