Ij1.52n vs ij1.52i

I’m working on the Pet-Ct viewer and I need ij1.52n. Wayne says this is not a silent update but Fiji is stuck thinking 1.52i is still the official version.

This morning I downloaded a fresh copy of Fiji and up it came with 1.52i.

Can someone please fix this?

I think 1.52i is the last version shipped via the ImageJ update site and included with the Java-6 version of Fiji.

The latest ij.jar release version is shipped via the Java-8 update site.

EDIT: you’re right, it seems there was no ij.jar release version uploaded since a while. @ctrueden would you mind manually uploading it for now?

we discussed this issue there : Fiji out of sync with Image J

For our project it is true that this sync loss happend at the worst time, IJ 52i introduced issues for our DICOM reading, which are solved in the next releases of ImageJ but our user have problems because they can’t benefit from the fix…

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The only thing which is missing is recognizing that 1.52n is now the official version.
I understand this is presently being fixed.

The Help > Update ImageJ… command can be used to freely upgrade and downgrade ImageJ 1.x, independent of the ImageJ2 Updater.

It is also possible to ship a specific version of ij.jar on your own update site, if the one shipped upstream is unworkable for you. Just remember to “unshadow” the library later once upstream catches up, or users will be stuck with an increasingly old version over time.



Thanks for updating IJ.

I didn’t know that we can shadow safely ij.jar, that is very good to know !
Thanks !