IJ in Jupyter Notebook: where are jars cached and can they be reused by other notebooks?

I really like the Image-J tutorials that run with a Groovy kernel in a Jupyter notebook. This is a great way to make a reproducible analysis that can be shared with others. I noticed that the notebook downloaded a lot of Jar files. I was wondering where they are cached (I am running in MacOS but also use Windows) and wondered if these caches can be stored locally and used by later notebooks. Let me take this opportuity to thank Curtis Reuden and those who helped in developing these. I’d appreciate being directed to what you consider to be “best practices” in working with ImageJ2 in the notebook.

Ok, I did some browsing of hidden files in my MacBook and found a .m2 folder. The jars appear to be stored there. Might be a good folder to keep backed up. I’d still like pointers to/suggestions of best practices using Fiji in Jupyter notebooks.