ij.IJ.getImage returned empty for some hyperStack

I use Fiji to open a single tif file which is a 4D(XYZC) OmeTiff:
(I have uploaded this tif file. This file was generated by imaris file converter with ome-tiff as output format.)

(run in matlab using Miji).
% the imagej panel appeared, then drag the tif file to open it.
% the bio-formats dialogue appeared, and I select "hyperStack" and "default" to open image.
% The image shows C-slider bar and Z-slider bar in bottom, with blue and red colors in different channels.
aImagePlus = ij.IJ.getImage()

However, the aImagePlus is empty for this tif file. the matlab command window shows:

One or more output arguments not assigned during call to "ij.IJ.getImage".

If I click menu “Images”-“HyperStack”- “Stack to HyperStack…”-Ok, then the image lookes nothing different, however, “aImagePlus = ij.IJ.getImage()” returned a imageplus object now.

Then I saved the updated image as a new tif file, and re-drag the new file into ImageJ, and the "aImagePlus = ij.IJ.getImage() also works now. The new tif file has ample meta information in “file”-“properties” compared to the raw tif file which has no meta information.

I have other tif files which does not have such problem.

What could be the reason for the error in “aImagePlus = ij.IJ.getImage()” ?


retina.tif (8.0 MB)