IDR update includes gallery of imaging data

An update has just been released to the Image Data Resource (IDR) that we’d like to share with you. Beyond just including new datasets which we typically announce on, this release comes with a significantly revamped landing page.


We announced a few months ago our goal to improve the user experience while searching through the 100TB of public imaging data in the IDR - see The goal was to expose as much data as possible to the user from the landing page. As you can see, a number of (configurable) categories are immediately highlighted. This functionality is driven by a revamped version of the plugin. The current version v3.2.0a7 has been specialized for the IDR but in upcoming releases this will be installable on any OMERO 5.5 system.


In addition to the highlighted categories, the gallery plugin also makes key-value data available for search both at the study (i.e. in OMERO, project/screen) level as well as for individual images. Existing values auto-complete to help explore the IDR.


Cell vs Tissue

Finally, work has begun on clearly separating domains of data within the IDR. In many cases, users are looking to perform a search across a large number of datasets within a defined domain. Most of IDR’s studies target either of two well-defined biological scales: the cellular level and the tissue level. Therefore, we have launched two new IDR landing pages, Cell-IDR and Tissue IDR. These allow users to search or browse in either a cell or tissue context. If required, we have retained the capability to search across the whole IDR.


It’s very early days for the new landing pages, but our hope is that already it will make your time with the IDR more productive. We’re looking forward to your feedback.