IDR infrastructure maintenance


Dear All
The infrastructure IDR is running on needs to be upgraded.

During that period, it will still be possible to access IDR data and will be available as usual.

But some services won’t be available during that period:

  • idr-analysis will not be accessible
  • Data transfer will be suspended. No data transfer will be accepted after 03/03/2020.

We expect to have everything back to normal before the end of March.
We will indicate if there is any further delays.

Thanks for your understanding.

The IDR team


Hi all

A reminder that is unavailable due to the migration of EMBL-EBI’s datacentre.

IDR is currently running in a temporary datacenter and remains fully operational.

We hope to have all IDR resources restored by the end of March but this is dependent on the successful migration.

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The EMBL-EBI datacentre migration is still in progress and we are currently expecting it to be completed in the upcoming week.

Unfortunately, we have received reports that data access via Aspera is also affected by the migration.

We will update this thread as soon as IDR services are restored to their full capacity. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

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Dear all,

Unfortunately, EMBL-EBI informed us of delays in the migration of the storage to their new datacentre. At this stage, we are unable to migrate IDR back to the datacentre. We plan to use the temporary datacentre for publishing new datasets until the storage gets migrated.

Raw data transfer should however be restored both for uploading new submissions via FTP as well as downloading published studies via Aspera.

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As a followup, EMBL-EBI has now started the migration of the storage to the new data centre. Unfortunately, Aspera is currently unavailable as part of the move. We are expecting it to be back tomorrow or Wednesday and will update this thread.

Update (2020-05-11): the storage has been restarted and Aspera should be available again.

Update (2020-06-16): all IDR services have been migrated back to EMBL-EBI Embassy.

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We are happy to announce that all IDR services including the main instance at have been now migrated back to the new EMBL-EBI datacentre. Closing this topic however feel free to report any ongoing issues with any of the services as usual.