IDR Aspera Download Not Working for idr0085


I am trying to download (idr0085) via Aspera and I keep getting a “Too many authentication errors” message

. I was able to download other data, so I don’t think the problem is global, but rather localized to this dataset. Is this related to OME Resources Down due to UoD outage at all?

Can someone provide guidance?


Hi @ilan-gold,

the problem you are facing is completely independent of OME Resources Down due to UoD outage as all services pertaining to IDR are hosted at EMBL-EBI.

You are correct the issue is specific to idr0085 and I can reproduce it. We will be in touch with EBI IT services to fix the data access via Aspera and get back to you as soon as possible


Thanks so much! Looking forward to it!

The raw data for idr0085 should now be available for download via Aspera. Let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

Thanks, it seems to be working now.