IdentifyPrimaryObjects finds objects that are too large

Hi, I have a pipeline to identify colonies on a plate, and for most image sets it is working. However, on one picture it is identifying the whole plate, even though its radius is outside the bounds I set. Meanwhile most of the areas detected are below the threshold displayed by the output. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? Thanks in advance!

What I want to detect is the larger circles, kind of like this (another image set):

It looks like the detection is finding the whole plate as an object rather than the smaller objects. You might want to try three class Otsu thresholding to help it distinguish the dimmer but larger plate from the smaller objects. Alternatively you could try first thresholding and masking the background to restrict analysis to the plate itself, then try detecting objects within the plate only. You may also benefit from disabling the ‘fill holes’ option if it’s enabled.

Hope that helps

Hi Bolsh

Alternatively you can enrich for circular objects (speckles) at the size you want which would help this sample identify the objects.