Identify two tracks to be linked

Hi all. I’m new with Trackmate. It’s very good to detect spots in my images, and tracking works very well. I’m eager to use more of its semi-manual tracking possibilities, but I cannot find how to identify tracks before linking them.

Here are two cyan tracks corresponding to one actual objects. Despite setting gap size to 5 frames, it ended up with two separate tracks. Now I want to link them together. I know how to link tracks in the TrackScheme window, but the bottleneck here is to identify which tracks are these, among the 200 detected tracks.
The ideal method to me would me to click on one track on the displayer window, press Shift, click on another track, press L, boom, the two tracks are linked.
An alternative would be to filter out tracks in TrackScheme by X and Y coordinates (some sort of cropping).

By trial and error, I could find one track in TrackScheme, but this method is cumbersome.

What is the proper method to link two tracks among many others in Trackmate?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Alright, I got the answer: Read the manual! It’s worth it. Now with keys A, D, F, G, L, and clic and shift+clic, I’m able to correct and merge the tracks.

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