Identify primary objects module - everything is excluded due to touching the border?



Hi there,

I am guessing this is a bug as it doesn’t happen in the older version of CP (I am using both 3.0.0rc1 and 2.2.0) but I find it very annoying as independently of my object size/brightness/the area it occupies it just keeps creeping back.
Is there a tresholding method I could use that would not cause me this problem in the new version? In this example the objects in the green channel all come up as ‘touching the border’ when using Adaptive, Otsu tresholding and are excluded even if I do not click the box to exclude those that are touching the border…
Please see the files here:

Thanks a million for your help!



That DID happen in very early release candidates’s of 3.0.0, but has now been fixed. If you download the stable version of 3.0 from the main CP website it should be fixed. Please let us know if it doesn’t fix that!