Identify number of pixels annotated per label in ilastik

Hi ilastik team,

When training a pixel classifier in ilastik, I often find myself wanting to check the number of pixels that I’ve annotated for each label. This happens, for example, when I’m labeling two types of structures and a background class, and I want to double check to see if I’ve labeled one of my structures with 100x the number of pixels that I’ve labeled the other structure (which would be good to know, if that heavily labeled structure was relatively typical across images). Is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks for all your hard work – ilastik is a great tool!

Hi @pearl-ryder,

this is not possible in a straight forward way. We should really add this in the UI… We also have a script in our main repository, which at the moment unfortunately doesn’t work (fix).

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Thanks for the info @k-dominik! I’d certainly love it as a part of the UI, if your team has time to incorporate it in the future.