Identifier for component trajectories combined during track merging step so they can be analyzed separately and together

I am using TrackMate to track kinesins moving along microtubules in vitro. I see motor clustering and so I have the “Allow track merging” option checked, which seems to appropriately detect merging events.
For my subsequent analysis, I would like to be able to look at the separate trajectories before the merge, as well as the full combined/merged trajectory. Is there a way to separate the “Spots in Tracks” data into the component trajectories so they can be handled both together and separately? Do the component trajectories have an identifier of some sort that they would have been assigned before the merging was performed?
Is there something similar for “Allow track splitting”?

Yes there is!

Please check the action (last panel) called something like ‘Analyze track branches’.
Sorry for my brief answer I am answering from my phone