Icy would like to join image.sc as Community Partner

Dear image.sc @team,

Icy would like to join the image.sc forum as a community partner.

Icy is a free and open-source bioimage analysis software and has been developed along three major goals:

  1. cover a large variety of biological applications and bring together scientists with diverse backgrounds, from beginners to experts
  2. give access to both classical and cutting-edge image analysis algorithms
  3. promote and facilitate the use of quantitative approaches and encouraging reproducible research

We wrote a post on the Icy forum to redirect users to the image.sc forum and we are in process to completely close our forum.
As soon as it is technically possible, users will be redirected to https://forum.image.sc/tag/icy

Here’s our logo:

Best regards,

@MarionLouveaux and @Stephane from the Icy team



I will get Icy added! UPDATE: You are all set! Welcome to the forum !!! :slight_smile: