ICY Spot Detector: no "save" folder and xls file


I am doing spot-detection using ICY

After selecting “Enable Automatic” option, and running “Start Detection”, no “save” folder is generated, neither xls file with colocalization data.


Thanks for your help

Dear Jorge,

I tried to reproduce your issue, but I cannot. I opened an image, chose a channel in pre-processing, ticked the “Enable automatic” in Output and clicked on “Start detection”. I see ROIs for the detected spots on my opened image and there is a /save folder in the same location as my image containing an .xls spreadsheet with the same name as my image. I am using the latest Icy version:

Could you provide a test image (a cropped area can be enough here) and give all the parameters you chose, not only in “Ouput” but also in the other tabs (just to be sure there is no conflicting options)? Could you also make sure you are using the latest Icy version This way, I could try to reproduce exactly your issue.

Best regards,