Icy protocols editor

Dear all,
I wonder if there is any way to select all blocks at once (similar to ctrl or cmd + A) to pan them around.
Also, is it possible to zoom in and out in order to visualise the whole protocol in a “panoramic” view

Thanks a lot.

Dear Murilo Carvalho,

The only way to select several blocks together in a protocol is to click on each block while holding down ctrl. It is technically not possible to have something like ctrl + A.

It is not possible to zoom in and out (also for technical reasons). To have an overview of the protocol, I recommend to

  • collapse as much blocks as possible (left click on the three colored cubes -> Collapse)
  • group blocks into workflow blocks and collapse these workflow blocks

See also this video on workflow blocks.

Best regards,

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Thanks a lot, Marion.
This is exactly what I have been doing. Just wondering if there is any other way.
Anyway, working good.
Best wishes