Icy Mult-Dimensional Acquisition Positions List window not internalised! May cause crash

Dear Icy crew,

The MDA positions list window is not an icy-internalised window, I have noticed that there is a high chance the software will crash if this window is resized (and possibly moved around?) before running the acquisition.

It is quite finnicky, and I hope I’m just seeing things with the crash but I feel there is a strong correlation between messing around with that window too much and a subsequent crash.

Either way, I imagine it should be a simple matter to make the positions list window the same as all Icy windows.



Dear @MasoudR,

I tried to reproduce the crash and i’ve been able to get it once (and it was a JVM crash) but then i was never to reproduce it again. I’m not sure it’s directly correlated to the MDA position list window. Sure we can make it internal (more work required as we need to intercept it) but i’m almost certain that won’t change the problem… to be honest Micro-Manager 1.4.x is really convoluted (we had a hard time trying to interface it with Icy) and i believe these nightly builds are probably more sensitive to crash than last official 1.4.22 version. And of course the fact that we run it from Icy probably make things even worse here.
If you find a reproducible way of making the crash to happen, that may eventually helps in debugging the issue.


– Stephane

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