Icy Java spot tracking problem


I’m trying to do spot tracking on Icy but the system crashes when starting the run tracking. There’s an error message that says that requires a Java update. I tried installing the JDK 8 version, 64 bit for windows 10 but the problem persists.


Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_91-b15 (64 bit)
Running on Windows 10 10.0 (amd64)
Number of processors : 24
System total memory : 67.0 GB
System available memory : 57.8 GB
Max java memory : 41.5 GB
Image cache initialized (reserved memory = 24288 MB, disk cache location = C:/Users/MELIKI~1/AppData/Local/Temp)
VTK 6.3.0 library successfully loaded…
Warning: Your version of java does not support HTTPS protocol which will be used soon by the new web site.
You need to upgrade your version of java to 7u111 (Java 7) or 8u101 (Java 8) at least to use online features (as search or plugin update) in future.
Icy Version started !


I’ll appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Dear Dtorre,

Can you try to disable the native optimization library using advanced options from the Spot Tracking plugin :

I know this library has a possible bug when detection set is perfect (no a single missed detection).


– Stephane