Icy install Tessalisation plugin

Hi everyone,
I wanted to try the Tessalisation plugin described by Badoual and al: http://bigwww.epfl.ch/demo/active-tessellation/ . This plugin is not accessible on the repository plugin site. To install it, I used IcyHLPluginInstaller (https://github.com/FerreolS/IcyHLPluginInstaller) using this command:
c:\Icy2>java -jar icy.jar -hl -x plugins.ferreol.icyhlplugininstaller.IcyHLPluginInstaller plugins.tessellations.AC_ActiveTessellations.
J’obtiens cette erreur:
c:\Icy2>java -jar icy.jar -hl -x plugins.ferreol.icyhlplugininstaller.IcyHLPluginInstaller plugins.tessellations.AC_ActiveTessellations

Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_241-b07 (64 bit)
Running on Windows 10 10.0 (amd64)
Number of processors : 8
System total memory : 18.9 GB
System available memory : 10.5 GB
Max java memory : 4.2 GB
Image cache initialized (reserved memory = 2048 MB, disk cache location = C:\TMP)
Headless mode.

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Icy2\lib\win64\vtk\vtkRenderingCoreJava.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

Cannot load VTK library…

Icy Version started !

Installing :plugins.tessellations.AC_ActiveTessellations
An error occured while plugin ‘IcyHLPluginInstaller’ was running :
at plugins.ferreol.icyhlplugininstaller.IcyHLPluginInstaller.run(IcyHLPluginInstaller.java:66)
at icy.plugin.abstract_.PluginActionable.compute(PluginActionable.java:42)
at icy.plugin.PluginLauncher$PluginExecutor.call(PluginLauncher.java:68)
at icy.plugin.PluginLauncher.internalExecute(PluginLauncher.java:115)
at icy.plugin.PluginLauncher.start(PluginLauncher.java:212)
at icy.main.Icy.main(Icy.java:476)

EHCache disposed

Is there another method to install this plugin?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Dear M_Kress,

My guess is that the IcyHLPluginInstaller plugin is only looking for plugins that are hosted on the Icy website.
To install an Icy plugin that is not hosted on the Icy website, you can put the .jar file in the /plugins folder of Icy.

The following seems to work for the Active Tessellation plugin with Icy, although it is probably not the cleanest method:

  1. I downloaded the .jar and .zip and unzipped the zip folders mentionned under “distribution” in http://bigwww.epfl.ch/demo/active-tessellation/:
  1. Then I created a /big folder in the /plugins repository of Icy, and copy/pasted the .jar file and unzipped folders in it.

  2. In Icy, I went to the “Plugins” tab, then look for “big/bigsnake” in the “Other plugins” menu. This opens the Active Tessellation window.

I am inviting @daniel.sage, one of the authors of the Active Tessellation plugin to join this discussion. @daniel.sage: Do you have a better way to install the Active Tessellation plugin? Would it be possible to add it on the Icy website, so that users can access it directly from the search bar of the software? I am happy to help. Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Thanks a lot it is working.

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Dear M_Kree,

As far i remember this plugin has been developed with a (very) old version of Icy and it does not work properly with the last Icy version. Unfortunately they are unlikely to be updated as people who developed them aren’t in the team anymore.
The only way to get them working correctly is to grab an old version of Icy, I searched on EPFL BIG team web site and i couldn’t find information nor link on the Icy version they used (i think it was available before) so I tested with the oldest version available on Icy website which is and it appears to work (as soon you have the good dependencies) if you really want to give a try :slight_smile:


  • Stephane
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Concomitantly I remember @sebherbert working on it.
Sébastien, maybe you can comment about your WIP on this issue?

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Hi everyone,
Many thanks for your answers, so far, I have installed the plugin, but I didn’t try yet.
Best regards,

Hi all,

Yes, @Stephane is correct it was developed for an old version of Icy (older than the ones I found on the Icy Website). @tinevez, also yes I modified the source code to adapt it to the 2.0 version on Icy and I think I remember it worked without warnings but it was almost a year ago.
Unfortunately the .jar and source code are only available on the Pasteurian GitLab repo ActiveTess (or my old machine but it’s not really better) where there should be some documentation with it. In any case I believe it should be this jaractiveTess_v1.1.jar (3.3 MB)
I didn’t have the occasion to use it in the end, so I can’t promise it will work perfectly, but it might help if your tests show that your current version isn’t fully working :slight_smile:


yes thanks!

I remember we also should get the ok of the original author of the plugin, who might still be working on it.