ICY colocalization studio : how to get output data on an excel file?


I am trying to use Icy Colocalization Studio method to analyse ROIs from two sequences. But I don’t find how to get my data (coupling probabilities, colocalized detections) on an Excel file. I tried to use Workbook to Files plugin but it seems no file is created.
Here is a picture of my Icy protocol:

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Dear Thomas,
the workbook to file (after having specified the file.xls) should actually work to export your results.
Thibault Lagache

Dear Thomas,

The workbook to file block is what you need to export the colocalization data. In the “Output file” field, one need to provide a full path to indicate where to save the results (folder location and filename).

If this does not work, could you share your protocol and some test data to give us the oppportunity to test your protocol?

Many thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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thanks a lot, I will try


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