ICY colocalization studio: Excel does not open the output file. Any Advice?


I am performing object based colocalization using ICY colocalization studio.

An output file is generated.

Excel recognizes it as an excel files but I get the following error message

here is a link to the file https://fcmunlpt-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/margarida_araujo_nms_unl_pt/EcSoVV5bdnRCkdYC2qNdQocBEInw5AnteVot_LktpgU2zQ?e=7tAzk0

Thanks for your help

This might not be an image analysis problem per se. Have you tried to open excell and navigate to the file instead of clicking on the file to open it? I know sometimes .csv files require me to open them in this method.

Thanks. I tried and the error became that the path was too long. I copy to the desktop and worked!