Icy 2.1 released!

Dear all,

The Icy team is happy to announce the release of Icy 2.1!! :tada:
This new release contains major changes both on the end-user side and on the developer side.
You can download it on the Icy website.

On the end-user side :woman_scientist: :man_scientist:, we added or improved features related to the GUI, for instance hiding several layers at a time or protecting ROIs from accidental modifications, and to the morphological operations (distance maps on ROIs, watershed, ROI dilation and erosion). The complete list of feature changes, including videos for the main changes, is available on our website.

On the developer side :woman_technologist: :man_technologist:, we migrated to Maven, a powerful project manager. This provides a much more robust development framework, with a better management of dependencies, both for the Icy kernel but also for the development of plugins. To know more about Maven, you can read our quick introduction to Maven and our guide on how to create an Icy plugin.
Last but not least, we also migrated the sources from GitHub to GitLab. The new repository for Icy sources is: https://gitlab.pasteur.fr/bia/icy.

You can report any bug found in Icy on the [image.sc forum](https://forum.image.sc/) using the tag “Icy”, category “Usage and Issues”. You can ask for new feature requests -for our next release :wink: - the same way. And you can ask questions related to Icy plugins development in the “Development” category, always with the tag “Icy”.

Best regards,
Marion, for the Icy team