I can't seem to use images with orientationj


I am trying to use the OrientationJ plugin in ImageJ in order to find the orientation of fibers in an image but each time i try the plugin i get an error message saying i need to use 8,16 or 32 bits images.
the images i have, have a 24 bits color depths so i tried either upscaling the to 32 bits or getting them down to 8 bits using different formats but i still get the same prompt.

i used the sample images with the plugin and they seem to work fine (32 and 8bits natively).

my question is how to convert my images in order to get them to wor with OrientationJ?


My thought would be that if your images are color, then the plugin does not work.
I think it expects single channel grayscale images.
One way if to just use Image > Type > 8-bit and try there.

If you need a specific channel to do the processing then you could try Image > Type > RGB Stack Followed by Image > Split Channels
then select the channel you wish to use and run OriantationJ there. Hope this helps.

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thats it thank you, i had to greyscale it but it didn’t work first when i tried it with paint.net filtre so i did it in adobe and it works now.