I cant make my popup menu stay

At the moment Im using " Dialog.addChoice(label, items)" to create a popup window.
But when i pres “ok” the whole window closes. I would like to keep using it and to have it to stay with all the information saved.

I am using it to chose which image I want to show and selected.

Hi @Jonas_Bidar,

As far as I am aware a “Dialog” will always have an OK button that needs to be pressed for the macro to continue but you can print the choices made to the Log window so they exist after the choice has been made. Could that work for your purposes?

Yes i have done that but i would like to keep the popup menu after pressing the OK button sow i can keep changing images.

Hi Jonas,

Unfortunately, there is no Macro way to keep a menu open, except hackingly keeping ot open over and over again…

Something like this

while (true) {
	// Put your dialog in a custom function

	// Do your processing inside this loop
	choice = Dialog.getCheckbox();
	print("choice was "+choice);

// Your dialog can be in here
function showdialog() {
	Dialog.addCheckbox("Something", true);


Ok thank you for the help, will do that. :+1: