I cannot open .mat file,thanks



hello, i just learn this software several days ago. It is just a basic problem.I download several the example folders, but cannot open the .mat file in the example folder.And i have microsoft access software in my computer, so I am confused that whether I need some other software to open this file? At the mean time, i did some analysis, also cannot open the .mat file as well. Thank you very much…




From within CellProfiler’s main GUI, you should be able to double-click on a “PIPE.mat” or OUT.mat file in the lower-left window and it should load a pipeline, e.g. in the ExampleFlyImages folder, “ExampleFlyCompletePIPE.mat”. You do not need Access, or any other software, if you have downloaded and installed the “Binary Version” of CellProfiler.

Perhaps you are clicking on the .mat file in a file manager window? If so, you would need Matlab to look at the contents of the .mat file. But for most users, that is not necessary.

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Also, to further clarify–the .mat files are matlab workspace files. So, if you would like to view your data in Access, you should use the “ExportData” data tool or “ExportToExcel” module to export the .mat files into CSV files. The CSVs can then be imported in Access using the standard Import Data GUI within Access.


According your suggestions, i am already fixed the problem. Thanks very much,



Great! Glad to hear it. Good luck on your analysis.