I can get json files exported from version 0.2.10 Is there a way to get the same on version 0.1.2?

The script works well on the latest milestone, but I get an error when trying to run on stable 0.1.2 version.

‘ERROR: Error at line 3: No such property: GsonTools for class: Script4’

Any suggestions? Alternatively:

  • is there a way to open a project created on version 0.1.2 on 0.2.10?
  • or, is there a way to transfer an annotation from version 0.1.2 to 0.2.10?

Thank you

This is the script which works on version 2 but not 1:

def annotations = getAnnotationObjects()
boolean prettyPrint = true
def gson = GsonTools.getInstance(prettyPrint)
def name = getProjectEntry().getImageName() + ‘.json’
def path = buildFilePath(PROJECT_BASE_DIR)
path = buildFilePath(path, name)
new File(path).text = gson.toJson(annotations)

No, there have been many changes in v0.2.0, introduced to make scripts like this possible. They won’t work in v0.1.2. However you can import data from v0.1.2 into v0.2.0-m11 if you really need to.

(Answering on my phone I missed a bit of your question… but the main part remains that you can import to m11, but not easily m10. There was a new command added to the Projects menu in v0.2.0-m11 for precisely this.)

ok, it worked! Thank you.