I am looking for a postdoc position

Dear All,

The reason I want to post a job hunting ad here is because I really like programming and imaging. People who would like to come to here will sure love imagej and programming and developing new plugins.

I want to find a position which allow me to focus on developing really cool imagej plugins and macros. Something like micromanager,icy are both cool examples. A lab who apply data mining in cell biology to classify is also cool.

I have learned imageJ macro, python, C++. All three are proficient. I had have a PhD in neuroscience. I have three year postdoc experience in cell biology. I am an expert in all kinds of microscopy.My research is data mining and image processing.

If you are looking at this email, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any information which could help.
Thanks for your attention.

My contact:
Bin Wei,PhD
University of Tennessee