Hyperstack with one frame (t) per slice (z) (Trackmate plugin)

Dear all,

I want to use Manual Tracking with Trackmate of objects in a 3D space. I know this plugin is used for tracking over time, but I cannot find another plugin that allows for manual labeling of such complex structures. Although it does everything I need it to do, I can only use it to analyse few images as my images are very big. Therefore, I would like to create a hyperstack in which each z slice is associated with only one artifical time frame (t).
Let’s say I have 50 z slices, for each of those slices I would want one artificial timepoint so the plugin can store the links between particles, and at the same time give a 3D representation in the end.
Currently that would require to create a hyperstack with 50 z slices, and 50 associated t frames, leading to 2500 images, and I don’t have the RAM memory to handle that.

Looking forward to any help,
All best

Euh sorry what?

What prevents you from using a single 3D stack of 50 slices directly in TrackMate? It should work out of the box even if you only have 1 time-point.

Thank you for your reply and questions.
A single 3D stack with z slices only allows me to position those particles in the 3D space but does not seem to allow me to make connections between particles, because all or in the same frame.
Am I missing something? That would be great if there is no need for time frames.

Oh ok!

Yes TrackMate explicitly forbid to create links between particles that belong in the same frame.
I am sorry I don’t think there is a way out of that.