Hydride analysis in optical images



Hi all
I am new to image J analysis. I just want to calculate the fraction of radial hydrides in optical images. Basically look like straight lines in an optical image. These lines can be horizontal and vertical and some are inclines also. Vertical lines are called radial hydrides.Basically, I just want to separate these three kind of lines in an image and find the percentages of vertical lines. I have attached picture taken from literature. they have done using a different software.hydride


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in order to be able to help you, we need a representative original image.

Please post a typical raw image in the original TIF- or PNG-format. No JPG-format though, because JPG introduces artifacts! You may also post images as Zip-archives.
(Converting a JPG-compressed image to TIFF- or PNG-format doesn’t make sense.)




Dear Herbie,
Than you,I am attaching png filehydride


Below please find an orientation salience plot from this windowed excerpt
of your sample image.

This plot shows the dominance of oriented structures in the image as a function of the orientation angle.
(Zero degree is horizontal and the angle increases counter-clockwise.)

With the provided kind of images (approximately constant contrast of the structures) you can regard this plot as an orientation histogram.

Perhaps this helps with your task.




Dear Herbie,
Thank you for help. I just want to do the same thing.Can you please tell me how you did that ?. So that I can apply this for so many images. What is the x-axis represents?. Is that number of represents oriented structures?.

Thank you