Human mesenchymal stromal cells

Hi everybody

Would it possible to analyze the raw jpeg images through cell profiler software for software generated confluency determination. Would it possible to guide us by providing the snapshots for assessing

  1.   Percentage of confluency
  2.   Scale bar for each image
  3.   Changing colour to gray scale of image
  4.   Cell size and granularity of cells
  5.   Conversion of jpeg images to CSV file

We are looking for your kind help regarding the snapshot of cell profiler software.

Every time, I tried it is showing errors and unable to get anything from the software. Required your help, advice and guidences for the enclosed JPEG image.

Would you please upload your images and the pipeline you have so far as attachments? Use the “Upload Attachment” tab below the edit window.

Thanks for the reply

[attachment=0]gqh0054p5 1cs 4x.TIF[/attachment]

attached pics
Guide us to construct pipeline

Please see this reply below which also applies to this thread: