HTPheno setup files not found

Hi there,

I have installed HTPheno plugin to ImageJ. When I try to run this plugin in ImageJ, an error message appeared: “Missing important configuration file <plugins/HTPheno/config_color2class_side.csv>! Aborting the program”.
But this file (and all the others setup files) are in the right folder, the one mentioned by the error message.

Thank you for your help in advance

Sorry that this post has been unanswered for so long. I already invited Anja Hartmann to join the other thread on HTPheno, but the authors of HTPheno seem unwilling to join this forum, so you should maybe try to directly mail them at hartmann<at> to get some help.

If you find a solution to your issue, it would be great if you reply back here, so others having the same issue can solve it as well.

Thanks Jan
Yes I have been in touch with the authors and they have replied to my queries. Still haven’t solved the issue (i.e. able to customize HTPheno and run it). Cheers

If you solve the issue @miket, it would be really helpful to post the solution here for future reference! :thumbsup: