How to write short-cut macro that performs SaveAs > Tiff

I want to write a short-cut macro that performs SaveAs > Tiff (with dialog open), using SHIFT+s command.
I have this in my StartupMacros.txt file:

macro "Save As TIFF... [SHIFT+s]" {

But it doesn’t work. What’s the right way to do it?

The easiest way would be the integrated shortcut assignment →Plugins →Shortcuts →Add Shortcut…

Because [Shift] + [s] is assigned already to →Process →Smooth it will most likely not work in the way you try to use it.

I tried Plugins →Shortcuts →Add Shortcut
But it only allow SaveAs 48bit Tiff.

What I want is plain Tiff as in File → SaveAs → TIFF.

It is in the list but under the name “Tiff…” not starting with save as :wink:


Thanks. But I want to assign my own Short-Cut.
The one on the dialog is not convenient for me.

How can I do that?


I think you should simply use a capital S instead.

@jerome, I tried that, but it did not work. But it might be that if you do not assign anything and just press [s] it will start the “save as Tiff” function in any case. (that happens in my case at least)

Hi Jan,
well it works in my case in the following setup:

IJ.getVersion: 1.53e
IJ.getFullVersion: 1.53e15
IJ.javaVersion: 8

when pasting this macro code in the “StartupMacros.txt” file:

 macro "Save As TIFF... [S]" {

and restarting ImageJ.

I’m seeing this with the Shortcuts > List Shortcuts command: