How to visualize track IDs in ilastik


So I’ve figured out how to use ilastik to classify and track my cells, and I can have it spit out a CSV of the result. This is great, except that when looking at the data I don’t know which track belongs to which cell. Is there a way to overlay the track ID onto objects in the tracking applet of ilastik? I could manually correlate a the center point of a track at a particular frame to see which cell it corresponds to, but that would be extremely laborious. Any ideas on how to correlate the track IDs with the actual objects would be very helpful.


Hi @chillywings,

edit: I guess I should have checked github first

it is not possible to overlay any tracks or ids in ilastik itself, at the moment. However, have you ever worked with Fiji/MaMuT? You can export tracking results into their format and visualize everything there.

Furthermore, the Tracking Result export option gives you an image with the lineage IDs (as in the CSV) as grey values.