How to use the Angiogenesis Analyzer of ImageJ?

I download the ImageJ for my Mac OS X recently,but I’m unable to use the Angiogenesis Analyzer,even if I have downloaded the Angiogenesis Analyzer.txt. When I click the Angiogenesis Analyzer on the tool bar,it shows as below:

‘{‘ expected in line 52.
function requires 147d()<>{requires("1.47d”);return 0;}\

Anyone has suggestions about this?

Hello @Tong,

I just tried on Fiji on my machine and it works.

Did you follow the installation instructions of Gilles Carpentier’s site?

Also, which version of ImageJ do you have? You can check that by clicking on Help > About ImageJ… If it is previous to 1.47d, you will have to update it by clicking on Help > Update ImageJ…


Hi @iarganda,thanks for your reply.
Of course, I followed the instruction of Gilles Carpentier’s site,and the version of my IamgeJ is 1.50g.But I’m not sure if my steps for install the Angiogenesis Analyzer is right,I just copy all the content in, then saved them as .txt,but no icon of Angiogenesis Analyzer appeared in the tool bar,just the name appeared in the toolsets" menu icon (>>), are these steps right? If not,would you please show me the detailed steps ?

Many thanks.

Maybe when you copied/pasted and saved it as txt, you introduced some wrong characters in the file. Why don’t you just right-click on the link and save it directly to your /Applications/ImageJ/macros/toolset/ folder?

That is correct, you should then click on the name as described in the installation instructions:
Select “Angiogenesis Analyzer” by clicking on the “toolsets” menu icon (>>) of the ImageJ tool bar.


Thanks, it works now.

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