How to use group by within LoadImages?


As shown in the image I attached, I simply want to pair two channels from the same well. I used group by metadata “well” extracted from filenames. But it seems it cannot get to the next pair, always working on L1 pair only.

Out of curiosity: Does just using an exact match with ‘APD1’ for the first image and ‘Ch2’ for the second image and no grouping get what you want?

Yes, without grouping it works fine. I just use this as a toy example. Maybe I should come up with an example when grouping is definitely necessary.

Why does my example here not work with grouping?

Thanks a lot!

When you say that “it cannot get to the next pair, always working on L1 pair only”, do you mean that the pipeline ends after processing L1, or that it hangs and nothing happens or something else entirely?


I double checked, it actually works fine if I run it with the button “analyze images”. I used to run it in test mode, and it always shows the same pair got loaded in the resulting load window, even if I pressed next cycle.

Sorry about the false alarm! Thanks!

An additional note: In Test Mode, you can select the image cycle and/or group that you want to process from the Test mode menu up at top.